College Park, Ga – Fulton County – When the Palmour House was built in 1892, College Park was a new town – founded in 1890 and named Atlantic City, then Manchester.  College Park officially got its name in 1896 – reflecting 2 colleges in the new town.  Interesting history of the family that built this home, and interior photos below.

Palmour House, built in 1892

Palmour House was built for Dr. William Crenshaw.  He founded Atlanta Dental College, which later became the Emory University Dental School.  When building this 6,800 sq ft mansion, Dr Crenshaw is said to have thought the house too small. He had the exterior walls extended out 8 more feet!  A basement was dug out, and the clay used to fire bricks on this home.

The house was one of the first in the area to be built with indoor plumbing.  Looking at the entrance hall below,  the Victorian details are everywhere – woodwork, and Lincrusta wallpaper (the heavily embossed wallpaper became popular in the Victorian Era).

Foyer, Palmour House (from prior real estate listing)

Palmour House, also known as “Annabelle”, is named after Dr Crenshaw’s daughter, Mary Palmour.  After her father’s death, she moved into the house in 1931.  She was very interested in horticulture, and organized the first metro area Garden Club in College Park in 1909.

Note the woodwork and window detail!

Victorian style was all about the details, everywhere!

Detail showing the Lincrusta wallpaper
Stained glass windows

Mary Palmour became President of the Garden Club of Georgia.  In later years, she had chrysanthemum named in her honor – the Mary Palmour!

Palmour House, 2018

Mary Palmour lived in the home until her death in 1958.  The home fell into disrepair, and fortunately was saved and preserved!  The porches on this house are one of my favorite features.  This is one grand Victorian home, so glad to see it standing proud in 2018.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, appreciate it.


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