adams-hearn-hume house

Adams-Hearn-Hume House, built in 1856

Eatonton, Ga – Putnam County – Driving into Eatonton, I always have to stop and admire the Adams-Hearn-Hume House.  It’s the perfect Greek Revival cottage!  While I love old mansions, the Greek Revival cottage is always a favorite style.

Situated on a large lot, the house is set back far from the road.  Situated on a rise, this antebellum home commands attention.  A couple of the original outbuildings have survived and been restored.

Set back nicely from the street.

Originally built in 1856 for Jefferson Adams, the house was then sold to the Hearn family, who lived here for over 70 years.   I couldn’t find any more history on this one, but wanted to share this beautiful Greek Revival cottage.

adams-hearn-hume house

There are many beautiful old homes in Eatonton, click here for an overview of several great ones. Thanks so much for reading the blog!

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