Bond House, built in 1893

Athens, Ga – Clarke County – Dearing Street in Athens is a favorite.  Just 4 blocks long, it has a variety of historic home styles.  The Bond House, built in 1893, is a great example of a late Victorian House.  So many details when looking at this home!

The house was built for G. G. Bond in 1893.  Bond was the local superintendent for public schools.  The Bonds had 2 daughters, Margaret and Frances.

Bond House – view from street. So many Victorian details!

Walking along Dearing Street, we see a few other beautiful homes:

Pink Chimneys, built in the 1820s


Meeker-Pope-Barrow House, circa 1860


Hutchins-Paddock House, 1890


Back to the Bond House. After Mr. Bond passed away, Margaret had the house divided up into apartments.  She remained in the house until the 1960s.  After the house was sold, it was converted back to a single family home. A quick video of the exterior:


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