Mount Zion Church, built in 1814

Hancock County, Georgia – Not too far from Sparta, Mt Zion Church is all that remains of a once thriving community.  I’ve always intended to stop and visit, and finally had a chance last week.  I’m so glad I did – this is one special place.

Back in 1813 there was an academy, and quite a few homes.  Today – they’re all gone.  Mount Zion Church started out as a Presbyterian Church, and later served as a Methodist Church.

Mount Zion was a wealthy area, and in 1812 Nathan S.S. Beman moved to this area.  He even served as President of the University of Georgia for a short time.  A Presbyterian minister, the church was completed in 1814.


Mt Zion Historical Marker (photographed January 2019)

The church was built at a cost of $700.  As the sign outside the church notes – it remained a Presbyterian church until 1903.  The Mt Zion Methodist Church purchased the building in 1903 for $200, and it remained active until 1958.

Mount Zion Church History

The church is positioned with a commanding hilltop view.  Amazing to think of what this church has seen in 205 years.

Mount Zion Church, built in 1814

The church has 2 entry doors, as was common at the time.  This sacred space is beautiful in its simplicity.

Inside Mount Zion Church, January 2019
Mount Zion Church interior

The church remained vacant for years.  It is now under the stewardship of the Sparta-Hancock County Historical Society.  It takes a lot to maintain these old structures. The new roof will protect this building for years.

Side View of Church

Taking a look at the cemetery adjacent to the church.

Cemetery, Mount Zion Church

If you are in the area, this church is a really special place to visit.  I feel it’s important to document these old churches, they are an important part of our history.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I appreciate it!


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  1. Have the burials in this cemetery ever been documented? I ask because it is believed that my great-great-great=grandmother, Penelope Askew Dickinson may be buried here.
    She was born 1809 in Hancock County, Georgia and married to Alpheus Dickinson on 21 February 1828.
    I can’t locate any records of her death but it is believed she died prior to November 1845.
    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

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