Powelton Methodist Church – Photographed January 2019

Powelton Community –  Hancock County, Ga – Looking at Powelton Methodist Church and surrounding area today, you’d never know it was a busy crossroads back in the days after the Revolutionary War.  Lots of history here as I researched this beautiful old church.

Powelton was a frontier post when this area was just being developed.  Close to old Indian trading paths, it was the nearest stagecoach route to Augusta for the planters in the area.  With 2 beautiful churches here (we’ll take a look at Powelton Baptist soon), you get a sense of the community in its heyday.

Taking a quick video of the site, one thing is noticeable – it’s so quiet!

Looking around Powelton, I was curious why this community didn’t continue to grow after the mid-1800s.

Abandoned, Powelton.

Turns out that the railroad bypassed this area, and that’s when the town stopped growing.

This church was last actively used about 30 years ago, and occasionally holds services.  I like to document these old churches, as they were such a center of community life in the old days.  As always, thank you for reading the blog, I appreciate it!




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