Raines-Miller-Carmichael House, circa 1848

Macon, Georgia – Bibb County – The Raines-Miller-Carmichael House, built around 1848, is a survivor.  It was nearly demolished around 1940 to build a gas station! It was later designated a National Historic Landmark. It’s also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built by noted local builder Elam Alexander for Cadwalader (or Cadwell, in some sources) Raines, a wealthy landowner and judge.  The design is a modified Greek cross. The main rooms are open on 3 sides to maximize ventilation.  Smart idea in the days before air conditioning!  The floorplan is below.

Floorplan, from 1936 Historic American Buildings Survey

In addition, the house has a cupola – also to maximize airflow.

Cupola, Raines-Miller-Carmichael House

This design is great for the hot Georgia summer, but what about winter? This house has 12 fireplaces!  The staircase in this home is one of my favorites – and the ceiling medallion is one more beautiful detail.

Spiral staircase (1936 HABS Photo)
Ceiling medallion

Elam Alexander, the builder, is important in the history of Macon.  He built several of the largest mansions in the city, as well as the Bibb County courthouse.  A very successful businessman, he felt strongly about the importance of free, quality education for the children of Macon.  In his will, he left money to build 4 schools in Macon.

We are fortunate this house was purchased in 1940 to save it from demolition!  This house, at 171 years old, still stands proud on its corner lot.

In a city with many amazing old homes, the Raines-Miller-Carmichael House is one of my favorites!  Appreciate you reading the blog and looking at this amazing house.

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