Davis-Guttenberger-Rankin House

Macon, Georgia – Bibb County – Built around 1890, the Rankin House is also known as the Davis-Guttenberger-Rankin House.  This house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Rankin House has moved from its original site.  It’s been remodeled by a famous architect.  And we have some old interior photos of the house!

The house was originally built as a 20 acre estate for Judge John L. Hardeman.  Most records show it was sold in 1890 to Buford Davis, a prominent attorney.  The Davis family added a circular driveway to Vineville Avenue.  Back then, the house faced Vineville Avenue.  They also had peacocks, who would strut around the property when they heard the nearby mill whistle!

There are some interior photos of the house from the early 1970s when it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  These give us a virtual “tour” of the house:

Etched glass detail on the double front doors
Front Parlor
Foyer and staircase (remodeled by Neel Reid)

Around 1910, a new street was run through the middle of the property.  While many new homes were being built, the Rankin House was moved to face the new street.  Famous architect Neel Reid remodeled the staircase to its current appearance.  The prior Victorian staircase was considered out of style at this time.

Also during this time the house was owned by the Guttenburger family, and the Taliaferro Family.

Dining Room – love that built in cabinet!

In 1924, the Rankin Family purchased the home and owned it for many decades.  Goodwin and Myrtle Taliaferro Rankin raised their family in this beautiful and unique home.  Myrtle Rankin lived to age 107.

The Rankin House is a different style than all its neighbors.  After learning about the fact the house had been moved, I better understood why it stood proudly surrounded by early 1900s homes.  Really beautiful home.  Thanks so much for reading the blog!


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