The Cedars
The Cedars, built circa 1822

Milledgeville – Baldwin County – The Cedars was built during the time Milledgeville served as the capital of Georgia.  Also known as the Howard-Jarrett-Garrard-Walker House, we’ll just call it The Cedars!

How did this house become known as The Cedars?  Turns out this house has been moved several blocks from its original location.  It once had a circular driveway lined with cedar trees, and that’s how the house got its name.  The house was moved before this 1930s photo was taken.  Looking at the house, we can see a few changes – shutters have been added, handrail on the steps, and the screen door removed.  But all in all, very little change.

The Cedars
1930s photo of the house (from Historic American Buildings Survey)

The Cedars was built by Daniel Pratt, who built some of the significant homes in the area.  He lived in the area during the 1820s, before moving to Alabama – where he built cotton gins and several other manufacturing businesses.  Prattville, Alabama is named for him!

Daniel Pratt (from New Georgia Encyclopedia)

This house has seen a lot as it approaches its 200th birthday – from private residence for many years, moved several streets from its location, to its current function as a sorority house.  Phi Mu Sorority now occupies the house, and I must say, they’ve taken great care of this old home.


The Cedars

There’s so much history in Milledgeville and we’ll be touring a couple of amazing homes there soon.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, appreciate it!

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