Tiny Town: Culloden, Georgia – Monroe County – Happy New Year!  There are many very small towns and crossroads around Georgia with beautiful old homes and interesting history.  Culloden, the oldest town in Forsyth County, has a population of 200.  This will be an occasional series to document these small communities.

Small communities amaze me with their beautiful old homes, and Culloden features quite a few!

Love the porch on this home!

The Holmes family has been a mainstay in Culloden, the seven Holmes brothers built some beautiful homes!  In partnership with one another, the family ran a sawmill, cotton gin, mercantile, etc.

Home built by one of the 7 Holmes Brothers

Culloden is the oldest town in Monroe County 


Built in 1909

Culloden was first settled in the late 1700s by William Culloden, a Scotsman.  The community has always been focused on agriculture.  There is a lot of history here – including a Civil War battle, and the hometown of a world famous surgeon!

Public Well

Looking around the old commercial center of town, it looks like so many small communities I see as I travel the state – and why I want to document them.

Commercial buildings
More commercial buildings

Historical Markers note a Civil War skirmish that took place here, as well as the fact this is the hometown of Alfred Blalock, a world famous surgeon.

Historical Marker, a world famous surgeon was born here!

As I continued looking around Culloden, I noticed this stately Queen Anne style home.  Turns out this was originally built in 1896 as the Holmes Hotel.  It was later converted to a single family residence.


Love the porch on this one!

This is one beautiful tiny town!  Hope you enjoy the Tiny Town series, will have more of these throughout 2019.  As always, thank you for stopping by the blog!

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