Jones Chapel Church, January 2019

Southeast of Danburg, Wilkes County – Today’s old country church is a bit of a mystery!  Situated at the intersection of two dirt roads, it’s the epitome of an old country church.  Jones Chapel Church is abandoned, and I haven’t been able to find out much more about it.  Missing part of the roof, I fear this one won’t be around for too long.

Jones Chapel Church

Once I made my way down a dirt road (with plenty of mud after all the rains!), I saw Jones Chapel Church.  It looks to be built sometime around 1900 (and I’m calling it Jones Chapel Church, because that’s the name of the road its on).  Seeing a door ajar, I wanted to see what remained of the church.  It was a total surprise!

Interior, Jones Chapel Church (January 2019)

A video look around the church:

Walking in the church, it seems like it was just closed up one day, and that’s it.  There are cushions on the pews, artificial flowers, etc. What happened?  I haven’t been able to find out, and it is puzzling!

Hand fan on one of the pews

This one is a mystery to me.  Glad I had the opportunity to see this church, as I fear this one may not be around all that long.

Thanks for reading the blog!  If you’ve got any information on this abandoned church, please share and I will update the post!

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