Lafayette Powell House

Sparta, Ga – Hancock County – Complete with a picket fence, the Lafayette Powell House is a favorite in Sparta.  It’s about to turn 200 years old!

The house was actually built for Andrew Baxter, who bought the lot in 1817.  Over the years, it’s had quite a few owners.  And as you can see in the photos, it’s continued to grow and evolve with the times.

Side View

Lafayette Powell (son of Marquis de Lafayette Powell) moved to the area in 1848.  With a career as a merchant and planter, he later became Mayor of Sparta.  His son and wife later lived in this house.  The Powell family lived in this house for about 90 years!

To think the Lafayette Powell House  has spent 200 years on its corner lot in Sparta – if only walls could talk!  Thanks for reading the blog, appreciate it.

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