Powelton Baptist Church, February 2019

Powelton Community, Hancock County – Organized in 1786, Powelton Baptist Church has so much history!  The Georgia Baptist Convention was founded at this church in 1822.  The Reverend Jesse Mercer served as pastor from 1797 to 1825. A Georgia Governor attended services here while in office.  Amazing to think of all this history in rural Hancock County.

When the church was established in 1786, Powelton was a thriving community.  We recently visited Powelton Methodist Church, and this is located nearby.  The Revolutionary War had only ended 3 years before this church was established.  While there have been several additions over the years, there is a core part of the church that dates back to the late 1700s.

Reverend Jesse Mercer served as pastor for nearly 30 years here.  Mercer is most well known for establishing Mercer University.  He served as pastor for several congregations in the area at the same time.  We’ll take a look at the original home of Mercer University soon.

The steeple dates to circa 1823

Governor William Rabun was a member of the church, and would travel from Milledgeville to attend services.  Milledgeville, about 35 miles away, was the state capital at that time.  This was back before railroads existed, so this must have been quite a trek!

State Historical Marker

I’m amazed at how much history has occurred at this church.  Such a special place to visit.  As always, thanks for reading the blog.


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