Threlkeld Grocery, 1970s photo (from FB)

Paoli Historic District, Madison County – Today’s Tiny Town is a country crossroads in Madison County dating back to 1788.  Researching the area, there’s some interesting history and great stories here.

The Long House, built about 1860 has an old store on the property – more on that in a minute.  Long House is for sale, so we can see inside this one:

Interior, Long House (from real estate listing)

Truly a beautiful home! The old Threlkeld Grocery is located on the property – established in the 1850s, this building dates to 1910.  This store served as the post office for many years.  I found a group on Facebook with memories of Uncle Sut, who ran the store.  He’d get aggravated with all the kids showing up at once to choose penny candies!  He had a black lab who “worked” in the store named Useless.  These stories really bring the area to life.

Former Threlkeld Grocery Store, built 1910

Others remembered sitting under the front porch of the store.  Threlkeld Grocery stayed in business until 1976.

Front of Threlkeld Grocery (January 2019)

There are several homes around the area, as well as New Hope Presbyterian Church (which is still active).  A couple of the houses were abandoned, and I always feel like these are important to document.  Who knows how long they’ll be here?  I found this older photo in the National Register of Historic Places:

Driving along Paoli Road, I knew this one would be easy to find…but it’s literally all boarded up.  Don’t know the story on this one or why it’s boarded up.

Another home I saw looked like it was quite a beauty back in the day.

Abandoned, Paoli Historic District

Paoli has retained its country crossroads feel, and a lot of beautiful farmland around the area.  I’ll continue publishing “Tiny Town” series occasionally on the blog, and as always, thanks for reading the blog!


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  1. The misses and I are going to try and buy and restore the long house and Threlkeld grocery store (eventually). We would love to learn more about the history of the home and area if anyone knows more about it. Also if you know of contacts that have expertise in c.1860 greek revival restorations we would love the info.

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