Bartow Methodist Church, circa 1880

Bartow, Georgia – Jefferson County – During my recent visit to Bartow, I stopped to admire Bartow United Methodist Church. The church was built around 1880, but not in its current location.  The church was moved over a mile in 1900.

Bartow United Methodist Church, February 2019

The church originally stood outside of town.  Once the decision was made to move the church in 1900, it involved a lot of effort!  It took teams of mules and horses, with the church being rolled on logs.  There was also a creek that had to be crossed to get to the new site.

The sanctuary was floated across Williamson Swamp Creek.  Then it was put back on logs, and continued being rolled to its current location.  Imagine how much work this was without all our modern machinery.

Today the church is next door to the Baptist Church, built in the 1920s to replace an earlier structure.

Bartow Baptist Church, built in the 1920s

One last look at this beautiful church, that traveled over a mile to its current site.

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