Columbus, Georgia – Muscogee County – This grand Victorian mansion was built in 1891 for Dr. William Lewis Bullard.  The Bullard-Hart-Sampson House is one of the most ornate homes in Columbus, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Bullard-Hart-Sampson House stayed in the Bullard family for 90 years.  Mrs. Bullard was very involved in the construction of this house, and it was the first house in Columbus that was wired for electricity.  Since electricity was so new, there were light fixtures that also worked off of gas.  The house has a 3 story staircase.  Upon entering the house, it’s all high Victorian style.  All the B&W photos were taken in 1975 for the National Register of Historic Places listing.

Front door view

The walls are covered in Lincrusta – a raised wallpaper that’s very difficult to install!  The house was decorated by the LeRolle Company of New York.  Lots of arches, a freestanding staircase, and decorative woodwork.

Foyer – so many details here! Ornate woodwork and Lincrusta walls


The dining room continues the ornate, Victorian style.

The alcove in the dining room was built for a buffet.  The original one was removed from the house.  Decorative murals were painted, a couple remain the house.

The Bullard-Hart-Sampson House has seen its fair share of VIP guests.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt announced his plans to reenter politics while at this house.  Other distinguished guests included Generals George Marshall and George Patton.  A historical marker outside the house tells more of its hospitality:

Really fascinating home and history!  Thanks so much for reading the blog.

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