Durham House, originally built 1840s, with 1880 additions.

Maxeys, Georgia – Oglethorpe County – Located about 25 miles outside of Athens, Maxeys is a town of just over 200.  En route to another town, I had to do a U-turn and check out this beautiful old home (I do this a lot!).  This is Durham Place, the house dates back to circa 1844.  And there’s an old doctor’s office and apothecary on the property that’s open as a museum!

The house dates back to the 1840s.  It was “Victorianized” and expanded in 1880.

The doctor’s office and apothecary building also dates back to the mid 1840s.  The Victorian style porch was added around 1880.  This building stayed in use as a doctors office until 1923.


Durham Place
1844 Doctors Office and Apothecary

The Durham Place doctors practiced here for years.  At one point, a couple of the Durham brothers lived in the back room here.  This is a rare surviving example of an antebellum apothecary – complete with a curved wall inside.  It now serves as a museum and is open Thursday-Saturday.  Naturally I was not here on one of those days LOL.  I am looking forward to exploring this small museum.

Durham Place
Durham Apothecary, Maxeys Georgia

There is a lot more interesting history in Maxeys, and I’ll have a blog post on the town in the near future.  I can’t wait to return and explore this amazing antebellum doctors office and apothecary!  Thanks so much for reading the blog.

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