Henry Branham House in Eatonton
Winter photo of Branham House

Eatonton, Ga – Putnam County – Originally built around 1816 by Dr. Henry Branham, this beautiful home later served as the home of the Superintendent of Imperial Cotton Mills.  Originally a much simpler home, it has seen a lot of history in the last 200 years! Some call this Branham House, others the Imperial Mill House.  These old homes often have multiple names, depending on who you talk to.

Dr. Henry Branham was an early resident of Eatonton.  He built his home around 1816, making it one of the oldest remaining homes in the area.  When he built the house, it was a much plainer style.  Dr. Branham served as a State Representative and Senator over the years.  The name Branham seemed familiar to me, so of course had to do some research.

Branham House Descendants

Walter Branham, Dr. Branham’s son, grew up to be a prominent Methodist minister in the area, and his home is located in Oxford, Georgia. The local historical society has an interesting history of his family here.

Walter Branham’s House in Oxford.

Branham House purchased by Imperial Cotton Mill

Dr. Branham’s House was acquired by the Imperial Cotton Mill to be used as the Superintendent’s House.  Major remodeling was done in the 1920s, with decorative columns, etc.  In many towns, the mill would purchase one of the best homes in town for use of the Superintendent.

Imperial Cotton Mill was the major employer in town.  Built in 1898 with 150 looms, it remained in operation until 1975. Like so many textile mills, there was a mill village with housing, a mill school, and its own church.  Mills had their own baseball teams, and played competing mills.  In many towns, they were a “city within a city”.

Imperial Cotton Mill – Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, University System of Georgia
Inside a typical cotton mill, 1920s

While the mill has been closed for many years, this home remains with a commanding view of the area.

Branham House, or Imperial Mill House in winter.

There are many beautiful old homes in Eatonton, and we took a look at several in an earlier post, available here.  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!


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  1. Another beautiful old homesite. Do you ever come across any that can be toured? We love to go inside them and learn about their past.

  2. Awesome, we would really love to get inside and go through them. I don’t know if you have been to Stone Mountain, but there is a small village set up there that has old homes that can be toured. We loved it and thought it was great!

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