Rome, Ga – Floyd County – Claremont House is one of my favorites in Rome.  This 1882 mansion has it all!  It’s recently been for sale, so we can take a look inside this incredible home and learn more of its history.

Claremont was built for Colonel Hamilton Yancey and his family.  Born in 1848, he went on to graduate from The University of Georgia Law School.  He quickly became a well-known lawyer with many high profile cases.  After 17 years of law practice, he decided to stop for health reasons.  He didn’t retire, but went onto another career – more on that in a minute.

A grand entry! (This and interior photos from current real estate listing)

So how did this 7,100 sq foot mansion get its name?  Mrs. Florence Yancey named the house in honor of her favorite cousin, Clare deGraffenried.  Building Claremont took over 2 years, and the family lived in a cottage behind the main house during this time.  The Yancey family spared no expense on this home, outfitting it with the best of the best.

Claremont – Home to 3 Generations of the Yancey Family

Foyer view

One feature that I just love – and how unique – is the large safe that was built into the stairwell in the house.

Large safe built into the stairwell

The details in the house just amaze me – the floors, the woodwork – just beautiful!

Look at the detail here!

Colonel Yancey went on to manage the Rome Fire Insurance Company, and became a widely known expert on Insurance.  In fact he was tapped by the Insurance Commissioner in later years for special projects to be carried out.

The Yancey’s had 7 children who lived to adulthood – imagine how fun it must have been growing up here!  When the house was built, there was a special stage built into one of the rooms for the children to put on their own stage productions!

Three generations of the Yancy family lived here – it remained in the family until the early 1960s.  In later years it became a Bed and Breakfast, and operated as Claremont House until this spring.

Historic photo of Claremont (Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, University System of Georgia)
Interior of Claremont – old photo (source: same as previous photo)
View to kitchen – love the floor!

Truly one amazing home.  There are quite a few great homes in town, and I’ve written about them here .  And there’s lots to see and do around Rome, details here .

One last look at this beautiful home!


Claremont was listed for sale this spring for $499,000 and is currently under contract.  Can’t wait to see the next chapter of this beautiful home.  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, I appreciate it.


One Reply to “Claremont House, 1882 – Rome”

  1. I certainly hope this GORGEOUS slice of Heaven remains a bed and breakfast, with little to nothing changed! Anyone who tries to put modern furnishings, in this place, or “brighten it up”, by painting or stripping the wood, or changing the wall paper would deserve a special place, IN HELL!

    My husband and I stayed at the Claremont House, a little over a year ago; and, I’m, literally, heart broken we may not be able to stay there, again! We were in the area, for a wedding, about 30 minutes away from there, and decided to take a detour, through Rome, to get something to eat, before returning to Atlanta. By chance, we passed the Claremont House, circled back to look at it, again, and I exclaimed, “We have to stay here…TONIGHT!” (Fortunately, when we travel, I always take, AT LEAST, one extra change of clothes…just in case!)

    We went up to the door; and, no one answered. We went to the back door; and, no one answered. Suddenly, it began to pour rain; so, we sat on the comfy, spacious back veranda; and, as I played with the cats, who, apparently, lived at there, my husband called the phone number, for the bed and breakfast. No one answered; and, my husband didn’t leave a message! I called, and left a message. We waited a bit; but, no one called back. My husband said, “They must be closed, or not taking reservations, for some reason.” I had fallen so in love, with that house. I JUST HAD TO STAY THERE! I said, “Oh, no. Now that I have seen the cats, and this porch, WE’RE STAYING HERE, TONIGHT! The website indicates they’re open, and have vacancy.” I spotted the “emergency number” the innkeepers kept on the back door, and called THAT number.

    The innkeeper/owner answered, and apologized for missing our call. They were out to dinner. They, most certainly had vacancy. She asked if we could give her about 30 minutes. We said we’d grab a bite to eat, and get back with her, within the hour.

    The innkeeper was personable and gracious. The interior of the house, as well as, the decor, DID NOT DISAPPOINT, with dark, carved wood, and period furnishings! Our room was clean and GORGEOUS, decorated with beautiful Victorian antiques, gorgeous bedding, and comfortable linens. The bathroom was clean and luxurious, with a clawfoot tub. Breakfast, the next morning, was “country cooking”, with a gourmet flair.

    The town of Rome, in “the foothills”, of the mountains, with BEAUTIFUL views, of the Appalachian Mountains, and a lovely historic district, also has unexpectedly fabulous restaurants. We had dunch (late lunch/early dinner), a late-ish dinner, and brunch, the next day. THREE DIFFERENT RESTAURANTS – THREE GREAT MEALS! Totally unexpected, in little ol’ Rome!

    We’ve been hoping for another romantic getaway, to Rome. Just staying in the FABULOUS Claremont House made a special trip. I can’t believe we might never be able to stay there, again!😢😭

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