Ephraim Ponder House

Thomasville, Georgia – Thomas County – Looking at this antebellum home, you’d never know all the purposes its served!  Over the years the Ephraim Ponder House has been a private residence, part of a female college, apartments, and a private residence again.  We also have some interior photos of this beautiful old home.

Built between 1854 and 1856 for Ephraim Ponder, this was quite the showplace!  Later purchased by Elijah Young, this became part of Young’s Female College back in 1869.  It served as a dormitory and then as the College President’s Home.  The college stayed in operation for several decades.

Vintage Postcard of Young’s Female College Building

At one time, there was a breezeway attaching the Ephraim Ponder House to the main college building.  The building still stands today and has been converted into condominiums.

Young’s Female College Building Today

A lot changed over the years at the Ponder House.  It was purchased in 1900 and converted into apartments.  Later purchased by the Sholar Family and converted back to a private residence.  The house was for sale a while back and we have some interior photos of this antebellum home!  All the details in here show you what a grand home this was (and is).

Foyer view from old real estate listing – love the glass surrounding the doors!
Amazing Staircase!

The Ponder House goes to show how much interesting history there is with old homes!  Visiting Thomasville is a treat for the history lover, you can learn more about Thomasville here.  Thomasville has so many beautiful old homes, I’ve written about a few before and links are below:

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  1. Such history in these antebellum homes. Nice to see someone post that has interest in them. Thank you so much for the information!!!

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