Ivey Gates Plantation
Ivy Gates Plantation, June 2019 (and this is how it got its name!)

Troy, South Carolina – Located a few miles west of Troy, Ivy Gates Plantation is an antebellum survivor.  There’s history all around this home in the Long Cane Community.  Once I stumbled on this house, I got curious to find out more about it.  Interesting history here!

The house took about 2 years to build.  The builder, Henry Jones of Atlanta, was building a couple of other large buildings in the area (we’ll see another of his buildings tomorrow).  The house was being built for Dr. Asbury Tatum Wideman (1824-1884).  Dr. Wideman didn’t practice much medicine, instead he focused on agriculture.  At one time Ivy Gates Plantation was 1,300 acres.

Ivy Gates Plantation still has original boxwood gardens

The home stayed in the Wideman Family for several generations.  The Wideman’s were a prominent family in the area, as we can see by this article about Dr. Wideman’s death in 1884:

Abbeville Press & Banner, April 23, 1884, p 2 (Historical Newspapers of SC, USC Libraries)

The last of the Wideman’s to live here were Misses Clara and Jennie Wideman.  In reading up on the family, I discovered they were known for giving “gracious pre-wedding parties” for brides in the area!

Video view:

Lots more history to discover around McCormick County .  The next blog post will focus on a nearby church with a fascinating history.

Ivy Gates Plantation

Ivy Gates Plantation & the Long Cane Community

So much history right around the corner from this house!  The Long Cane Massacre of 1760 occurred nearby – this area was right on the frontier, and 23 settlers were killed.

Historical Marker located in Troy

.Just 20 years later, a Revolutionary War battle took place here.  This video gives a great overview:

One last look at this beautiful home:

Ivy Gates Plantation


Dr. Wideman’s home and the Long Cane Community have quite the history.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I appreciate it!


7 Replies to “Ivy Gates Plantation, 1856 – Troy, SC”

  1. Enjoyed the post. My son and family saw the house a couple months ago. We are Wideman’s from that area. Thanks !!


    1. Hello Don,
      My name is Martha. My husband is Walter Roger Wideman. His dad, Walter O. Wideman, his dad, James Ollington Wideman, his dad, Moses Wideman, and on down the line. I have come across, Dr. Tatum Wideman’s name a lot in my research of the Wideman family. I was wondering what line of the Widemans do you extend from. We have lived here all our lives. So many unanswered questions, I suppose in every family. Would love to hear from you.

  2. Enjoyed your coverage of our home. Ivy Gates was built by Henry Jones not Henry Gates. Next time you are in area would welcome an opportunity to meet you.
    Ned Carmody

    1. Thanks Ned! Good catch, made the update to Jones – guess I had Gates on my mind writing this. Will reach out next time I’m in the area – so much more to explore!

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