Mt Hope Methodist Church

Hancock County, Ga – Located near the line between Hancock and Washington counties, I had to stop and check out this old country church.  I passed it en route to another location, and had to go back and find out more about it. Mt Hope Methodist Church is in great shape, and it’s still and active church.

Mount Hope Methodist Church was organized in 1846.  Originally there was a simple log structure built further back on the property.  The new church building was built not long after being established.  Hancock County was a very wealthy area in antebellum days, and this fine Greek Revival style church reflects that wealth.

Researching the church, I found a history that was compiled in 1951.  Unfortunately many of the early church records have been lost, but it’s an interesting read, available here.  There’s a small cemetery behind the church.  Hope to return and learn more about this beautiful old church!

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