Marsh House
Marsh House in Lafayette, Georgia

LaFayette, GA – Walker County – Officially called the Marsh-Warthen House, this antebellum beauty stayed in the same family for over 150 years. This house saw action during the Civil War, and it left its mark on this home.  Lots of history, and luckily this house is open for tours!

The Marsh House dates back to around 1836, According to the family, Spencer Marsh first built a smaller home on the site, before the antebellum home we see today was built.  He built a mercantile store in Lafayette in 1838, but that was just the beginning of his business ventures.  And he also served as a judge.

His fortune grew over the years, and he was one of the county’s wealthiest citizens.  Marsh was one of 3 local businessmen who organized the Trion Factory, the first cotton mill in northwest Georgia.

Trion Mill, 1895 Photo (the original building burned in the 1870s) – from Wikipedia

Upon seeing the house, I couldn’t wait to tour!  The house is now owned by the county and run by volunteers  and I must say, they know how to make a house tour extremely interesting.  It’s always great to see original pieces of the house still in place – and with the family here for 150 years there are some amazing original pieces to see.  I’ve included some of their photos below to give you an idea of the house (I didn’t photograph inside, I was so interested learning about the house I forgot to photograph inside!).

Inside The Marsh House

Hallway – soldiers rode horses through this hallway!

During the Civil War, there was a lot of military action in the area.  The Marsh family, along with many of their neighbors abandoned their homes to flee southward and away from the battles going on.  From old family letters they basically left with very little of their belongings.  When they returned, they found bloodstained floors and hoofmarks in the floors!

The original kitchen was in the basement – food was brought up by a dumbwaiter until around 1900 when a new kitchen was added.
One of the bedrooms – what an amazing bed!!

The house had an addition around 1900, which you can see on the right side of the photo.  This added the ability for the kitchen to no longer be in the basement, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The grounds here are just beautiful.  I always enjoy a look around.  Loved this old buggy!

Adjacent to the Marsh House property is a really interesting building – the Chattooga Academy.  Built at a cost of $815, it opened in 1838.  This was the first school opened in the area – and it was for boys and girls.  Enrollment started with 15 boys and 37 girls.  This building too has a history in the Civil War.  Interestingly, it remained a school building until the 1920s.

Chattooga Academy, opened in 1838.

If you’re in the area, I hope you have the opportunity to visit this amazing piece of antebellum history!


Historical Marker

Thanks so much for reading the blog, I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed learning more about the Marsh House!



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  1. This is such a beautiful home. I can’t get over the same family owned it for 150 years. I’m glad the County is taking care of it a offering tours. I will have to put it on my list of places to visit. Thanks.

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