Troy, South Carolina – I always enjoy traveling the backroads and finding old country churches.  The Long Cane Church near Troy, SC is a large antebellum church.  Officially called Lower Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, the congregation dates to 1771.  The current church was built in 1856.

Long Cane Church
Approaching Long Cane Church

I found Long Cane Church, and wondered why the back of the church faces the road.  Turns out the road was rerouted about 100 years ago to run behind the church.  There’s still a small country lane that runs around the front of the church.

Long Cane Church, still active today!

The church remains active today!  While the congregation has dwindled to just a few members, services are still held at 10AM each Sunday.  The church website has a lot of detail regarding its history, you can see some old photos of the church on as well, click here.  In my research, I found that 2 ministers each served the congregation for 40 years!

Long Cane Church
East side of church

The church was designed by architect and contractor William Henry Jones.  Jones was from Atlanta, and had married into a prominent family in the area.  He built several other notable structures in the area.


The interior of the church has changed very little over the years.  These photos from the National Register of Historic Places give us an idea how large it is inside.  Interesting note – there’s no air conditioning here!

Interior of Long Cane Church (National Register Photo)
View from pulpit

There are over 500 graves here, and like so many cemeteries there are cedar trees planted throughout it.  I started researching cedar trees in cemeteries – and there are many theories why this tradition started, too many to list here!

Cemetery, Long Cane Church

After walking around the grounds and admiring this church, I realized that I’d heard none of the noises associated with modern day life – no cars, airplanes, etc.  Such a peaceful place to visit!  Thanks so much for coming along on our visit to this beautiful old country church!



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