Rome, Ga (Floyd County) –  This 1905 house has several interesting stories!  Built as a starter home….a Carnegie medal recipient lived here…a gifted violinist…and haunted by two sisters who lived upstairs?  This house got more interesting as I kept learning about its former residents!

The house was built by Arthur Sullivan in 1905 as a wedding gift and starter home for his daughter, Maybeth Sullivan Graham.  Now this is quite the starter home! Her husband, John Meredith Graham, was involved in several businesses including a grocery, hardware, and was Bank President.  According to several sites, she was awarded a Carnegie medial for rescuing a drowning man on the Atlantic coast in 1925!

We visited Rome a while back, and you can see more beautiful old houses around Rome here .

Printup House

The house was sold in 1938 for the sum of $10 and “other valuable considerations” to the Printup Sisters. Miss Alida Printup and her sister Ava B. Harris enjoyed this home for a couple of decades.  In doing some research I found an old photo of Miss Printup.  Interesting to read she was a well known, talented violinist!

The Printup Sisters sold the house in 1948 to Judge James Frederick Kelly – with one stipulation – that they continue to live upstairs in the house for the rest of their lives!  Mrs. Harris died in the 1950s, and Miss Printup passed away in 1961.

Printup House – Haunted?

In researching the house, I found several articles referring to the house as being haunted by the Printup Sisters.  What most people report is lights being turned on in the upstairs room where they lived when nobody is home.  Hmm.  If I noticed this, I’d run so fast out of there! Haunted or not, this is one beautiful home – with an interesting history!


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