Tabby Manse
Tabby Manse, Beaufort SC

Beaufort, SC – One of the oldest remaining homes in Beaufort, Tabby Manse caught my eye walking around town.  Built as a wedding gift, this home has served multiple purposes over the years.  Beaufort has many beautiful old homes, and Tabby Manse is one of my favorites.  And we have some interior photos of this amazing home!

Thomas Fuller built the home for his wife, Elizabeth Middleton.  It’s one of the few homes built of tabby (and thus the name Tabby Manse).  The walls of this home are built to last – they are two feet thick!  I imagine this must have helped a lot in the days before air conditioning.  Fuller was a successful cotton planter, with multiple plantations around the lowcountry of South Carolina. It was built with the finest of materials in the 1780s, as we can see in these old interior photographs.

Main Staircase (Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey)

Note the woodwork!
Upstairs landing

Tabby Manse was purchased in 1864 by Reverence Mansfield French and his wife Emmeline.  Her sister Almira Morill Onthank bought the house from her around 1870 and converted it into a guest house for artists, writers, and architects.  It remained a guest house operated by the family for 100 years.

Tabby Manse


Tabby Manse has been restored and is a private residence.  Amazing to think of the history this house has witnessed in 230 years!  Beaufort has many great old homes in its historic district, and photos of many more are available here .  Thanks so much for reading the blog!






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