Matthews, Ga – Jefferson County – The Bank of Matthews, long abandoned was once in the center of a busy community in Jefferson County.  Early in the 1900s this town was booming with the cotton economy, and the Bank of Matthews was in operation by 1911.

Bank of Matthews
Bank of Matthews, photo November 2019

By the 1920s things were changing.  The Bank of Matthews became a branch of the Bank of Wadley.  During the late 1920s there was a run on the bank, and cash was moved to Wadley.  These were the days before the FDIC!

After the bank failed, it was repurposed and used as a home for several decades.  One family that lived here put sheets up in the lobby area to create “rooms” in this former commercial building.  This is a beautiful rural bank building, would love to see this restored.

I don’t normally document commercial buildings, but will feature them from time to time – and in the case of this beautiful old building, it served as a residence for several decades.  Thanks so much for reading the blog!



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