Augusta, Georgia – Richmond County – Brahe House is one of those homes that stayed in the same family a long time – 118 years to be exact.  Interesting history here, including this being the first house in Augusta to have electricity!

The Brahe House was built by Frederick Adolphus Brahe in 1850.  Brahe was a silversmith who moved to Augusta from Albany, NY.  As I researched this house, it turns out that Brahe silver is quite collectible!  Here’s a piece recently auctioned.

Brahe Silver


Brahe was also the official timekeeper of the city clock for some time in Augusta.  He built this in 1850, with instructions “to be completed by September 1850”.  The house cost nearly $3,000 at the time, quite a sum of money.  The house is unusual in this part of town, most have the “city/townhouse” style.  Locally this is considered a Sand Hills Cottage style with the full English basement level, the large porch, and dormers on the second floor.

Brahe’s son Henry joined the business, and it became Brahe’s Jewelers.  Brahe’s stayed in business until the early 1900s.  This 1868 newspaper ad states that F.A. Brahe was back from a trip to Europe.

Newspaper ad – The Edgefield Advertiser, May 6, 1868. (Library of Congress)

Interestingly, the house stayed in the family until 1968.  In fact there were multiple generations of the Brahe family living here at one time.

Brahe House in 1971 (Library of Congress)

Years after being built, this was the first house in Augusta to install electric lights.  It’s said that a large group of people came to see the house the first night that the lights were turned on!  Imagine how “new” electricity was at one time, and how exciting to have electricity in your home.

Brahe House
Brahe House, 2019

The last Brahe descendent lived here until 1968.  At that time the house was donated to the Augusta Museum of History.  Unfortunately, the maintenance costs on the house were very high, and the house was sold in 1987.  So often we hear of an old house being sold, and demolished…but no, the Brahe House lives on today.  It’s been fully restored and serves as office space.

Currently serving as office space

It’s great to see this Sand Hills Cottage preserved and being utilized today!  Thanks so much for reading the blog today.


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