Burke County, GA – I enjoy visiting old country churches, and Clark’s Chapel is one of my favorites.  Even better, we get to see inside this antebellum church! Built in 1847 for Charles Clark, the family maintains the church today.  Lots of history here.

Clark’s Chapel was built as a plantation church.  Charles Clark and his family owned plantation land in the area, and this church served his large family well.  Married twice, Charles Clark had 25 (YES, 25!) children!  The family could easily fill up this one room church!

Charles Clark details
Clark's Chapel
Clark’s Chapel became a Methodist Episcopal Church in 1878 and remained one for 100 years.

Entering the church, I noticed what great condition this church is in.  Well cared for, there’s no dust in here!  It’s setup as many churches of the day – it’s divided down the middle.  Back in the day, men and women worshipped on separate sides of the church.

View upon entering church

Pictures don’t always give a great feel of the space.  I’ve included this video taking a look around the church.

The windows honor members over the years.  The one dedicated to Charles Clark is directly behind the pulpit.

Clark’s Chapel M.E. Church, 1878-1977

In 1878, the church became a Methodist Episcopal congregation.  In this remote area, it lasted for 100 years.  The congregation dwindled, and the Clark family took on maintenance of the church.

From 1954

There was a fire in the 1880s that caused some minor damage to the church.  But overall it’s amazingly intact.  A marker to the right of the church shows the original stones the church was built on.


I spent a good bit of time in this serene setting, hard to leave here!  Taking one last look at this beautiful old country church:

Thanks so much for reading the blog, and hope you enjoyed this!  You can see more churches in the “churches” category in the menu.







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