Milledgeville, Ga – A quick post today.  Looking at the Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage, you’d never know it’s one of the oldest existing houses in Milledgeville!  Originally built in a Federal style, the look of this house has changed over the years.

compton-fowler-mcknight cottage
1936 View of Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage (Library of Congress)

Very little has changed since the 1936 photo, with exception of the shutters being removed on the side of the house.  The Compton-Fowler-McKnight Cottage has been moved over the years to its current location.  The porch that we see today isn’t original to the house, it dates to the late 1800s.  In a town with so much antebellum history and grand architecture, this home is unique.

One last look at this beautiful cottage

I haven’t been able to track down other information that I can verify to date.  As I have more details on this home, will update the post.  Thanks for reading the blog today!


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