Waynesboro, Ga – Burke County – There are many historic homes around Waynesboro.  As I was admiring a church across the street, I turned and noticed the J.W. Carswell House.  It’s a combination of styles, and the more I learned about this 1865 home, the more interesting the story became!

The house was built around 1865 for Judge J.W. Carswell as his town residence.  At this point, the Judge was confined to a wheelchair and it was too difficult to go back and forth to Bellevue Plantation.  Bellevue Plantation is located just outside of Waynesboro, and the Carswell family has owned it since 1833.  While Bellevue Plantation is on private property and not visible, we have a couple of photos of it from 1949.

Bellevue Plantation in 1949 (Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, University of Georgia)

Judge J.W. Carswell’s Plantation was the scene of an 1864 Civil War skirmish, and there are still bullet holes in the house.  This was Judge J.W. Carswell’s main home.  Imagine if walls could talk!

Judge J.W. Carswell House
Front Living Room at Bellevue Plantation in 1949 (Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, University of Georgia)

There’s an old rose bush across the road from the house, and it was damaged by horses being tethered to it during the Civil War.  There’s a historic marker on the property, more details are available on the Georgia Historical Society site.

Looking at Judge Carswell’s town home, you can see it’s evolved over the years.  One of it’s owners, Mrs. John Palmer, developed extensive gardens around the house.  Thanks so much for reading the blog today.





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