Johnny Mercer House

Savannah, Georgia – Today  is Johnny Mercer’s birthday, so let’s take a look at Johnny Mercer House.  The famous songwriter, lyricist and record label executive spent his childhood years in this Savannah home.

Johnny Mercer House
Johnny Mercer House
Johnny Mercer (Library of Congress photo)


Several generations of the Mercer family lived in Savannah.  One house that is often said to be Johnny Mercer’s House is below.  It’s the most famous house in Savannah, The Mercer Williams House.  Did the Mercer family ever live here?  No.  The house was started in 1860 for Johnny Mercer’s great-grandfather, but not completed for 10 years due to the Civil War. The house was completed by other owners.  Johnny Mercer never lived at the Mercer-Williams House.

Mercer-Williams House. Johnny Mercer never lived here.

Johnny Mercer had an amazing career.  He wrote over 1,700 songs and won 4 Academy Awards for songs he wrote for movies.  He also co-founded Capitol Records in 1942.  Later in his career, he wrote “Moon River”, the title song for the popular movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Mercer lived in California for years, but kept strong ties to his Georgia home.  One account I read said he’d have camellias from his yard shipped to California for his enjoyment.

The family had a second home on Burnside Island, and Johnny Mercer spent summers there as a child.  Later in life he would purchase the “Moon River” estate, and this was his Savannah home for about 25 years.

Moon River House, built in 1938 (from old real estate listing)

Mercer led an amazing life, and a marker in front of the house gives a great recap of his achievements.

Johnny Mercer House
Marker in front of house

One last look at the boyhood home of Johnny Mercer.  Just goes to show, old houses all have stories to share!  I

Today, his legacy lives on with the Johnny Mercer Foundation.  Thanks so much for reading the blog today as we celebrate Johnny Mercer’s birthday.




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