Athens, GA – The Cobb House, built in 1835 is one of Athens’ grandest antebellum homes.  Built for newlyweds Howell and Mary Ann Lamar Cobb, they only lived here for a few years.

Cobb House
Summertime view of the house

Howell Cobb built this while engaged to Mary Ann Lamar.  She hailed from Milledgeville and was a wealthy heiress.  They married and got to work furnishing their palatial new home. As soon as it was built, it was one of the finest in town.  Howell Cobb had quite a distinguished career in politics – serving as Governor of Georgia, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Secretary of the Treasury (1850s), and later a Brigadier General during the Civil War.

Cobb House
All decked out for Christmas

Things were looking good for the newlyweds.  They were busy furnishing the new mansion, until the Panic of 1837.  Cobb was overextended, and they ended up losing the house.  In 1843 there was a Sheriff’s Sale of their home and possessions!  Mary Ann and her brother attended the sale, and he bought back some of their belongings.

More Cobb Family Houses in Athens

Often when people refer to The Cobb House in Athens…it can be one of several Cobb family homes. This large family built homes throughout Athens.  After the loss of their first home, the Cobbs spent a few years in Walton County, then returning to Athens and buying a cottage on Hill Street.  Her brother insisted they build a more suitable home on the site, and they built another Greek Revival mansion, the Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers House in 1849.  We looked at this one last year:

Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers House, c 1849 – Athens

After the Cobb family left this home, the house was owned for many years by Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  It was sold and renovated, winning a local preservation award several years ago.  One beautiful old home!  Thanks so much for reading the blog today.




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