Surrency, Georgia
Great old cottage in Surrency

Surrency, Georgia – located in Appling County, this tiny town has a good bit of history when you start looking around.  The town boomed around 1900 with a lot of growth due to the railroad.  There are a lot of stories of hauntings here too!

Surrency was settled in the 1850s by Allen Powell Surrency.  The town itself was chartered in 1904.  Business was booming at this time.  Surrency was known as the railroad crosstie center of the world!  There were up to 5 carloads a day going out on the Southern Railway. The town was growing by leaps and bounds – there were several general stores, a grocery, drugstore, hotels, a cotton gin and a grist mill.

A long abandoned bank building caught my eye as I looked around town – it’s all that is left of the commercial part of this tiny town.  The Bank of Surrency was built in 1911 as a local branch of the Baxley Banking Company.  This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I was curious about the building!

Surrency, Georgia
Bank of Surrency, built in 1911

After the Bank failed, the building was purchased by F.D. Kennedy, who owned it for about 45 years. During this time it became the post office.  It remained the post office until 1952.  The bank was a large room in front, with a vault and small office in the back. We have some photos that show the interior:

Bank of Surrency, interior (looking out the front)

The old vault would have been in the right side of the photo below, where you see an opening:

Bank of Surrency, Interior

One of the members of the Surrency family lived in this large two story home.

Surrency, Georgia

There’s a lot of chatter online about hauntings and other things here in Surrency.  One says that Allen Surrency’s house was haunted early on, and many strange things happened.  He even wrote a letter in 1872 to the Savannah newspaper describing all the odd happenings in the house.  Most accounts say these strange things stopped when he passed away in 1877.  The house was destroyed in 1925, so it’s long gone. Others talk about a bright light on the railroad line.

There are just a handful of old houses remaining here.  I loved the Victorian cottage below!

Regardless, I just loved learning a little bit about what made this town so famous back in the day!  Thanks so much for reading the blog.

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  1. Nice to see Surrency homes on your website. My family lived in that tiny town when I was growing up. My mother took us west to Arizona in 1958 when I was 11 years old. I have fond memories of my Grandmother and Grandfather’s place. They are gone now but the house is there. The home you have listed as “Great old Cottage” was my grandfather’s cousin’s home. The bank was a post office when I was growing up. I can still remember the box number and combination.

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