South of Lexington, Ga – Oglethorpe County – I’ve driven by Birdsong-Hogan Plantation for years, and recently thought I’d better stop and photograph this 1850 home before it’s gone.  It’s deteriorating rapidly.  This grand Greek Revival house was quite a beauty!

The Birdsong family were early residents of the area, and George Washington Birdsong built the house around 1850.  Fortunately, I’ve found an old photo that shows us what it used to look like!

Birdsong Hogan Plantation
Old Photo of Birdsong Hogan Plantation (multiple sources)

The house in the photo above had been through renovations.  At one time, there was a second story porch that ran along the house.  This was removed around 1930, and you can see outlines on the columns where the old porch used to be.

The house was sold to the Hogan family, who lived here for many years.  An old country store out front remains, and has been restored.  The Boyd family made updates to the house, adding to the back of the house, and later adding more bathrooms.  The house relied on a generator for lights until 1940, when rural electricity reached the area!

Hogan’s Store at Birdsong-Hogan Plantation

The restored store stands in stark contrast to the house.  This fine home had a fire some years ago, and has continued to steadily deteriorate. As I said, I’ve passed by here for years and always had good intentions to stop and photograph it.  Seeing it continue to get worse each time, I just knew it was time to document this old house before it’s gone.

Birdsong-Hogan Plantation

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3 Replies to “Almost Gone: Birdsong-Hogan Plantation, 1850”

  1. Thank You Lane for sharing so many great sites that most of us will not be able to visit. What a shame this is another fabulous building that is lost to future generations.

    1. Appreciate the kind words! I felt I had to share this house, as who knows how much longer it will stand. Thanks again, really appreciate it.

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