Siloam, Georgia – Greene County – Along Church Street in this small Georgia Town sits a couple of beautiful old churches.  Siloam Presbyterian Church was built in 1903.  The Baptist Church, across the street, donated a portion of their land for this church to be built.

John T. Dolvin was the sole organizer of the church.  Looking through several history books, I found he was from a pioneer family in the area.  A farmer with 1,000 acres, Dolvin was elected Justice of the Peace in 1852 and held the role for many decades.  He and his wife, the former Ann Boswell of Wilkes County, had 7 children.  Dolvin served in the Civil War, walking back to his farm in Siloam after it ended.

Siloam Presbyterian Church
Siloam Presbyterian Church.

This was the second church established by Dolvin.  About a decade earlier, he organized Hastings Church.  The church disbanded in 1902, and I believe the pews were brought here from the old Hastings Church.  An interesting note – when the church was built, it was carpeted, quite the luxury!  The ladies of the church decided to NOT buy a winter hat, and put that money towards the purchase of carpet.

Siloam Presbyterian Church
Early 1900s Photo of the church (Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives)

Like many small towns in the area, Siloam experienced growth in the late 1800s and early 1900s, fueled by the cotton economy.  After the 1920s, the area went into a slow decline, and it remains a very small town.  Railroad service ended here in the 1930s, and the town did not grow for decades.

Siloam Baptist Church, across the street, donated the land.  While the congregation dates back to the early 1800s, this church building was built in 1896.

Siloam Baptist Church, built in 1896.

It’s great to see these beautiful old churches continuing to serve the community!  Thanks so much for reading the blog.








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