Mills B Lane House, 1907 – Savannah

Mills B Lane House in the morning sun, overlooking Forsyth Park.

Savannah, Ga – Chatham County – The Mills B Lane House in Savannah, built 1907, overlooks Forsyth Park.  This mansion is over 14,000 square feet, and has an interesting history.  Even better – it can be yours – it’s for sale, listed at $6,750,000.
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Snedeker House, 1890s – Savannah

Savannah, Ga – Chatham County – Today’s feature is the 1890s Snedeker House. It’s always fun to share the transformation of old homes, this one has come a long way in the last few years.  It was once threatened with demolition.  Several before and after photos to share of this beautiful home.

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Savannah – Ardsley Park – A Few Favorite Homes

Savannah, GA – Ardsley Park/Chatham Crescent Historic District – Took a trip to Savannah last month, and finally ventured out of the historic downtown area!  Heading south of downtown, I visited Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent, two adjacent, but very distinct neighborhoods.   Ardsley Park was laid out as one of the first automobile neighborhoods in the early 1900s, and has a grid pattern with small squares similar to downtown Savannah.  Chatham Crescent is also a 100 year old neighborhood, it’s got a series of circular parks and is laid out in a Beaux Arts style that was very popular at the time.  It’s just east of Ardsley and a good bit bigger, around 174 acres.  These neighborhoods are definitely worth a visit when you’re in Savannah!

There’s a good variety of homes throughout the area, and I found several ivy-covered homes that caught my eye.

Ardsley Park 1

It’s such a change from the older historic parts of Savannah, with many fine townhomes.  And the trees – live oaks with Spanish Moss, it’s said that about 5,000 trees were planted in Chatham Crescent when it was laid out.  More ivy here!


This one caught my eye right away.  Built in 1910, it’s got so much curb appeal!  This grand home, La Maison Blanche, was designed by architect Olaf Otto built around 1913.  This one is for sale and the pictures of the interior are equally impressive.


One thing I loved walking around this neighborhood was the variety of homes – and the different colors.  Here’s one that caught my eye right away:

Ardsley 24

The ivy covered houses always get my attention – and I had to stop and get a picture of this one!

Ardsley Ivy

Now this is one big house here, impressive columns!  This one was built 1910 and is just over 5,000 square feet.

Ardsley 84

After the hustle and bustle of downtown Savannah, this neighborhood is quite a contrast.

chatham 23


Ardsley 85

There are beautiful old homes everywhere you turn in these neighborhoods!


Savannah’s First Automobile Suburb


Yes, another ivy covered house.  I just couldn’t get over how many there were in Ardsley Park!

Ardsley 38


As always, thanks so much for coming along on this neighborhood tour!  Appreciate you reading the blog!



Great Cottages and Bungalows

Candler Park Bungalow
Candler Park Bungalow

As much as I enjoy looking at the big old houses around Georgia, the cottage and bungalow is another form of house I really like.  And I’m a sucker for a great front porch!  Be it a raised cottage, craftsman bungalows, etc – I love the variety!  Here are some that I particularly enjoyed over the last few months, and several photos I haven’t had a chance to publish before.  It’s hard to find one particular style that I like best, I can appreciate them all.

Great front porch on this Greenville bungalow
Great front porch on this Greenville bungalow

Now the Victorian Cottage – and the many varieties of it, are always favorites to see.

Victorian in Washington, GA
Victorian in Washington, GA

Another great one in Candler Park, check out that porch.  So much potential here.

Check out that porch!
Check out that porch!
Raised cottage style near Eatonton
Raised cottage style near Eatonton

Even famous cottages, like FDR’s Little White House at Warm Springs are a treat to see.  You can check out the previous post on this for a full tour of the property and grounds.

Little White House in Warm Springs
Little White House in Warm Springs

Circa 1840
Circa 1840 in Madison, GA

And of course summertime means beach time for many folks, and the beach cottage style is always a favorite!

Tybee Island
Tybee Island
This may be my favorite beach cottage ever...
This may be my favorite beach cottage ever…

The variety of old cottages and bungalows around Georgia is just amazing.

Now that's a serious front porch!
Now that’s a serious front porch!
Great Victorian Cottage in Madison
Great Victorian Cottage in Madison

One of the trends in the 1920s-1940s was to build much smaller homes than in the past.  The Tudor style cottage below isn’t large, but has some big curb appeal!

Tudor Cottage near Emory University
Tudor Cottage near Emory University

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at some different bungalows and cottages that I’ve seen around Georgia.  Thanks so much for checking out the site – I appreciate it!