Bainbridge – Beautiful Old Homes

Bainbridge, GA – Decatur County – Incorporated in 1829, Bainbridge is one beautiful town!  Located along the Flint River,  the variety of old homes is impressive.  Before being named Bainbridge, it was known as Fort Hughes, Burgess Town, and Pucknawhitla.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing homes around town.

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Bainbridge – “Steamboat House”

Bainbridge, Georgia – Decatur County  – The Callahan – Penhallegon House (built 1907), often referred to as the  “Steamboat House”, is one of the finest Neo Classical homes in Southwest Georgia.  I found several old photographs of the home and learned more about the family – and share more about this amazing home!

“Steamboat House”, built 1907

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