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Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m Lane, and I love Georgia History and old houses. I’ve got deep roots in Georgia, with family here since the late 1700s.  This site is where I chronicle some of the old homes and small towns that I visit throughout the state of Georgia.  There’s so much here in Georgia to visit, I will be at this for quite a while!  You’ll see all kinds of houses and learn a little about the people who lived there.  After all, a house is all about the people who inhabit it!


I’m often asked how I got into this.  Well, it’s been a hobby for years – and after retiring as a sales and marketing executive in the wireless phone business, I decided to spend more of my time writing about the interesting places I see throughout the state – and outside of Georgia.

There’s so much out there, it’s a never-ending “must see” list.  Over the years I’ve had the privilege to share homes in a few other states – Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

Checking out old homes is fun and I want to share them with you.  And some of the other cool spots I just happen upon (sometimes way off the beaten path).  My faithful sidekick, Leroy,  makes a few road trips with me. Thanks for joining us!  We’d love to hear from you and find out about homes to feature on the site:




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  1. Your pictures of our home on the Christmas tour in Washington were great. As the owner of this home we enjoy sharing our home with others who also appreciate these fine old homes. We have recently restored another beautiful old home on Robert Toombs Ave (224 ERT). If you are traveling through Washington we would be proud to show it to you. Again great pictures and write-up.

    1. Enjoyed getting to meet y’all, and will definitely let you know next time I’m coming through. And thank you for opening your home for the tour! Loved your home!

  2. I am obsessed with architecture myself. Georgia has so many confectionery delights. We truly are kindred spirits! I am a docent and board member at It’s my little piece of historical paradise. Love your photos and covet each and every house you photograph. Thank you for sharing your vision with this Vintage Girl in NY.

    1. I bet it’s fun since every old house is a little different! I’m with you – absolutely love a kitchen that looks like it’s been there from the start. Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. I enjoyed your articles on the Goodrum house very much and all of your Instagram posts.
    Look forward to more

  4. I live in Machen, Georgia in Jasper County, Georgia! There are many ante Bellamy beauties here that you have missed!! Would love for you to come visit here and add these to your collection!! I live in one of them!! My great great grandmothers home and my neighbor also lives in his family home!! How unusual to have the same families still neighbors over 200 years later!!! My email address is

    Eloise Perry Thomas

  5. Hi Lane, I just discovered Roopville and being a Roop became intrigued. I now live in Maryland outside of Baltimore, my family ties back to North Carolina. I am trying to find some type of shirt with Roopville on it for my brother and sons, any idea’s?

    1. Good morning! I found several options doing a search for “Roopville t shirts”, these would be great for the family. Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope this helps – and hope you get to visit Roopville sometime!

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