FDR’s Little White House, Warm Springs

Little White House Front

Warm Springs, Georgia –  It’s like a 1945 time capsule to visit this house – everything’s been left just as it was when FDR passed away April 12, 1945.  FDR’s Little White House is located just outside of the Warm Springs Historic District in Meriwether County, and there’s a small museum you tour ahead of going inside the house.

The Little White House was built in 1932 – in the midst of the Great Depression.  I liked going through the museum ahead of the house, as you got a sense of the 1930s, rural electrification programs, etc.  Fun to see a typical 1930s kitchen in the museum!

1930s Kitchen


Having some photos of the era in the museum helped make things come to life, such as the car that was customized for FDR – check out the FDR1 license plate!

FDR Museum

Driving FDR1

The museum has a poignant reminder that this is where FDR passed away – the unfinished portrait he was sitting for on April 12, 1945.

Unfinished Portrait

The house is in an idyllic setting, where first you see the Secret Service Guard House, and the guest house and staff quarters – these are some small quarters!

Sentry Post



I was eager to check out the quarters – and believe me, they are tight when you get inside!

Little White House Guest House

Staff Quarters

The Little White House is one of those homes you walk in and immediately feel comfortable in – there’s a combination Living Room and Dining Room, couple of bedrooms and a small kitchen in the family area.  Think of the history here!  There’s even the Dictaphone that the President used, and fireside chats were recorded right here during the Great Depression and World War 2.

Little White House Living Room 2


Little White House Dining

Before visiting here, I thought it was going to be an extremely grand home inside – and while it’s not the grandest, everything just looks right in this setting.

Little White House Bedroom

President’s Desk – quite a change from what we see at the Oval Office!

Little White House President's Desk

Eleanor Roosevelt didn’t visit here much – but the children did, and there’s a guest room adjacent to the President’s bedroom.

Little White House Guest Bedroom

This is definitely a site that’s worth making the drive to go and visit!  Thanks so much for visiting this site with me – I appreciate it!









McDaniel-Tichenor House

McDaniel-Tichenor House

Monroe, GA – Walton County – The McDaniel-Tichenor House was built in 1887 for former Governor Henry D. McDaniel (served 1883-1886).  Interestingly, he wouldn’t recognize the house as it is today.  It was built in the Italianate style, complete with a front tower.  It was changed in 1930 to a Neo-Classical Style that we see today.

From McDaniel-Tichenor.org site

There is a full inside tour of the house available here that is really well done. Inside the McDaniel-Tichenor House, the governor’s library remains intact in the house – this home only had one family live in it throughout its years as a private residence.

Governor Henry McDaniel (52nd Governor of Georgia) – from Wikipedia

Doing a little more research, discovered that he was one of the 3 founders of the Walton Cotton Mill Company, which opened around 1900.  As with so many mills, it was closed….but is now an antique mall, office space etc.


Just a few more photos from my time walking around this house.  What a pretty home!



Naturally I had to go check out the well here!  Pretty fancy looking, huh?




As always, appreciate you coming along and taking a look at this beautiful home!








The Homes of Social Circle

Social Circle, GA – Walton County – First off, Happy May!  So glad to have some great weather again, and had a chance to visit Social Circle.  Don’t you just love the name Social Circle? This town of about 3,500 got its name back in the 1800s because it was such a friendly place.  It’s still very friendly in 2015, with a Welcome/Visitors Center just off the main intersection in town.  This is the crossroads of two Creek Indian trading trails. You may have heard of it, as Nathalie Dupree lived here for a long time, and part of her PBS series was filmed right here.  Speaking of Southern Food, no trip to Social Circle is complete without a stop at The Blue Willow Inn where you can fill up on some fantastic down-home cooking.   Downtown Social Circle After spending some time in the Welcome Center, I was ready to walk around and see some of the beautiful old homes in this town.  The Historic Society HQ is in Gunter Hall, and it’s actually in its third location, behind the library.  Originally built as a Federal style house, it was remodeled in the 1890s and that’s when the fancy porch latticework was added.  Looking at the front, it looks huge! Gunter Hall Front And then when you go around to the side of the house, you see that it was built as a 2 room over 2 room house (with later addition off the back). Gunter Hall Side View This is the Standard-Stoddard-Dupree House, built around 1910.  It has a history of great food and gracious entertaining!  The original owners had large dinners around their dining room table that could seat up to 30 guests.  This is the home that Nathalie Dupree lived in, and also where one of her PBS series was filmed. Stanton-Stoddard-Dupree Home Built in 1872, this is the Catherin Gresham Townhouse.  It’s considered a New England style snow house, of all things!  It just has such a welcoming look to it! Catherine Gresham Townhouse As I kept walking, was excited to see this old beauty in the process of being restored to its former glory. Renovation Several folks were working away on this big old Georgia Home! Renovation 2 I always love homes with great front porches, and walking along I saw quite a few great ones… Social Circle 4 Social Circle 5 Social Circle 6   I had to do a double-take looking at one front porch, as seeing this brought back some childhood memories! Rocking Horse Finally, we end up at the Will T Knox house, from 1897.  This is one big house!  The Knox family lived in many of the big houses along this street.  This is considered Queen Anne style with a lot of gingerbread on it. Will T Knox House As I walked past this house, I got a sense of how big this one is! Knox House 2 There’s a lot more beautiful homes to check out in Social Circle.  Thanks so much for coming along and walking through Social Circle!

Come On In – The Petersilie Home

Petersilie Home

Washington, GA – Now this is one big old Georgia Home!  Built inn 1898, this colonial revival has the big white columns that get your attention as you walk up.  With a big central hall and impressive staircase, you know you’re in the old south.  And talk about a meticulous renovation – a few of the windows needed to be replaced, and they were ordered from a company in Europe that makes windows the same way they were made in the late 1800s.  So you have the charm of wavy glass windows that are brand new.  You can’t tell what’s new and what’s original.

Center Hall

See that room to the right there and the mural on the wall?  There’s a large mural of Augusta, and there were Civil War reenacts in the room talking about the munitions factory during the war.

Mural close up

This house boasts double parlors – one for gentlemen, one for ladies.

Right Parlor

Left Parlor

The large bedrooms upstairs….



This house been named “Archeo” by the current owners, and it’s actually for sale.  You can check out the full real estate listing (which has a lot more photos too!).

Thanks for coming along and checking out this beautiful home!



Come In and Tour – Merry Oaks

Wilkes County – Washington, GA – Merry Oaks is nestled at the end of a long, cedar-lined drive and this antebellum home, built in the 1830s, sure does make a great first impression!  Southern belles in hoop skirts met me at the front of the house.

Merry Oaks Front

This house has the wide center hallway, and is a four over four design.  It’s even been lowered – originally it was thought to have been on a full basement too.

Merry Oaks Downstairs Hall


This is the home of the Boyd family, who purchased it in 1974.  They raised 4 girls here, and the upstairs bedrooms are all a little bit different.

There were quite a few people touring the house when I was there, but this is one big house when you get inside! Loved the front door and fan light – and a screen door.

Front Door

Let’s go into the living room….then the dining room…..

Living Room

Dining Room

Heading upstairs, one of the Boyd’s granddaughters was pointing out her Mom’s bedroom.  I noticed the hallway and small balcony and had to take a closer look.

Upstairs Hallway

Time to check out some of the bedrooms.  See the fancy mantel below?  That was actually from the home of a 19th century Georgia Governor – George Gilmer.  He had a home in nearby Lexington.

Merry Oaks BR1

Merry Oaks BR2

Merry Oaks BR3

Loved the bed in the last one I went in!

Merry Oaks BR4

Finally, looking out the upstairs hallway –  you get a good look at the cedar lined drive to Merry Oaks.

Merry Oaks Front Drive

I always love a good front porch on a house – just feels so much more like home.  This looks like a good place to sit and visit for a spell, huh?

Front Porch Merry Oaks

As always, appreciate you coming along and taking a look at this great Old Georgia Home!