Come On In – The Petersilie Home

Petersilie Home

Washington, GA – Now this is one big old Georgia Home!  Built inn 1898, this colonial revival has the big white columns that get your attention as you walk up.  With a big central hall and impressive staircase, you know you’re in the old south.  And talk about a meticulous renovation – a few of the windows needed to be replaced, and they were ordered from a company in Europe that makes windows the same way they were made in the late 1800s.  So you have the charm of wavy glass windows that are brand new.  You can’t tell what’s new and what’s original.

Center Hall

See that room to the right there and the mural on the wall?  There’s a large mural of Augusta, and there were Civil War reenacts in the room talking about the munitions factory during the war.

Mural close up

This house boasts double parlors – one for gentlemen, one for ladies.

Right Parlor

Left Parlor

The large bedrooms upstairs….



This house been named “Archeo” by the current owners, and it’s actually for sale.  You can check out the full real estate listing (which has a lot more photos too!).

Thanks for coming along and checking out this beautiful home!



Come In and Tour – Merry Oaks

Wilkes County – Washington, GA – Merry Oaks is nestled at the end of a long, cedar-lined drive and this antebellum home, built in the 1830s, sure does make a great first impression!  Southern belles in hoop skirts met me at the front of the house.

Merry Oaks Front

This house has the wide center hallway, and is a four over four design.  It’s even been lowered – originally it was thought to have been on a full basement too.

Merry Oaks Downstairs Hall


This is the home of the Boyd family, who purchased it in 1974.  They raised 4 girls here, and the upstairs bedrooms are all a little bit different.

There were quite a few people touring the house when I was there, but this is one big house when you get inside! Loved the front door and fan light – and a screen door.

Front Door

Let’s go into the living room….then the dining room…..

Living Room

Dining Room

Heading upstairs, one of the Boyd’s granddaughters was pointing out her Mom’s bedroom.  I noticed the hallway and small balcony and had to take a closer look.

Upstairs Hallway

Time to check out some of the bedrooms.  See the fancy mantel below?  That was actually from the home of a 19th century Georgia Governor – George Gilmer.  He had a home in nearby Lexington.

Merry Oaks BR1

Merry Oaks BR2

Merry Oaks BR3

Loved the bed in the last one I went in!

Merry Oaks BR4

Finally, looking out the upstairs hallway –  you get a good look at the cedar lined drive to Merry Oaks.

Merry Oaks Front Drive

I always love a good front porch on a house – just feels so much more like home.  This looks like a good place to sit and visit for a spell, huh?

Front Porch Merry Oaks

As always, appreciate you coming along and taking a look at this great Old Georgia Home!





Peacewood, Washington Tour of Homes – Part 2

Washington, GA – Peacewood.   Touring this home was a highlight of last weekend’s tour.  Sitting way back from the road it impresses visitors the minute you see it. I couldn’t wait to check this house out – and the current owners have done major restoration work for over a decade here.


Walking up to the house it has it all – white picket fence? Check!  Columns? Check!  History? Check!  And what’s interesting – it’s actually an older home built in the 1790s (on the right), and then the big antebellum addition dates to 1833.  It was the seat of a plantation and has a lot of the old outbuildings still standing.

Bunny, one of the awesome volunteers,  greeted me on the front porch and showed how much work had been done restoring the columns(she had on a bunny rabbit cardigan, perfect for Easter weekend!). The columns were rotting and from looking at the pictures, this was a major undertaking to restore.  We went in the central hall downstairs, where she showed me the older part of the house and the newer part of the house.

If you look to the doorway on the right, that’s the older part of the house – you can tell as the molding around the doors is different on the right side of the hall than the left side of the hall.

Central Hallway Peacewood

I couldn’t wait to get in this quintessential Old Georgia Home and check it out.  On the left you go into a formal parlor, and the dining room is behind it.

Peacewood Front Parlor

The dining room – that table is from an English Country Home, and was made around 1800.

Peacewood Dining Room

The kitchen was part of an extension to the home that had to be completely rebuilt.  Listening to the homeowners, it was apparent how much effort they have made to preserve this structure – and it needed so much work!  Check out this cabinet, they had to remove 9 layers of paint to get to the original wood.

Peacewood Pantry

I had to skip photos in a couple of rooms, as there were lots of folks in the house.  So no kitchen photo this time.  Time to head upstairs and check out a couple of bedrooms up here.

Peacewood Upstairs Hallway

Peacewood Bedroom

Peacewood has quite the pedigree – land originally owned by George Walton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  The house is also known as Wingfield-Cade-Saunders house, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I went digging and found some pictures of Peacewood from 1936, when it was a working dairy farm.  The 3 photos below are from the Historic American Buildings Survey.

Peacewood  Front 1936

Peacewood Side 1936

Peacewood Outbuildings 1936

Interestingly, many of the outbuildings have been preserved and restored – you don’t often see that!

Peacewood Restored Outbuilding

And here’s the surrounding property – just beautiful! This is the view off the front porch.

Front Approach to Peacewood

There were southern belles at each of the homes on the tour.  During a quiet moment, I looked up and saw them walking in front of the house – and just looked like a picture of days gone by.

Peacewood Front View 2

Thanks for coming along on this tour of Peacewood – appreciate you reading the blog!




The Penna Home, Washington Spring Tour – Part 1

Washington, GA – Saturday was the Washington-Wilkes Tour of Homes, and I’ve got several great homes to share with you.  The first one – The Penna Home, will amaze you.

The annual spring tour is sponsored by the Woman’s Club, Kiwanis Club and Historical Foundation.  Amazing things happen when these groups join forces. They flat out know how to run an event!  Courtesy cars take you from house to house, so much easier than trying to find a place to park.  Or, if you’re like me, and “directionally challenged” you don’t end up going in circles.

When I walked up to the Penna Home, I wasn’t sure what style to call it. Turns out this is a simplified second Empire style.  And it is BIG.  Real estate ads will say “bigger than it looks” – and that’s true here – at nearly 5,000 square feet with 13  rooms, and a bunch of cool nooks and crannies.  You don’t find nooks and crannies in new houses.  It was built in 1884 for the grandson of General Robert Toombs.  Toombs was the Secretary of State of the Confederacy, and his home is a museum in town.  Small Town, Big History.

Penna Home

Ellon Penna, the homeowner, owns a design firm.  She and her late husband bought the house 13 years ago and then went through restoration and remodeling the house.

Ellon was graciously answering questions that folks had about the house when I walked in.  People were asking such smart questions. Meanwhile I was walking around saying profound things like “WOW!”.  Ceilings are really high, 14 feet I think .

So this is really 2 houses put together.  A smaller house was moved here (rolled on logs to get here – this was in the pre “wide load” truck days) and added on.  That’s how you get nearly 5,000 SF in here.  You walk into a large central hall, turn to the right, and WOW.


So you turn around in here and you’re looking into the dining room.

Parlor Dining View

I headed right on into the dining room (actually, there are several dining spaces in this house, you’ll see).  And another room behind it.  So many rooms in here – this is about the time I realized how big this house is!


Tables were all set.  Umm, this puts my dishwasher-oven-microwave safe stuff to shame.


Walking back into the middle of the house there’s a nice area for relaxing and watching some TV.  Nice and casual!

family room

Then you walk into the casual dining area.  Nearly got whiplash, I was so busy looking around at everything in here and taking it all in.  Ellon described it as all just “falling into place”.

dining 2

Nice spring theme going on here.

table 2 setting

Kept walking and ended up in the kitchen.  Like how bright it is in here with the skylights.

Penna Kitchen

Finally, a couple of the bedrooms.

Penna House 4


Penna 5

I wish I’d thought to take some pictures on the porch, it was so pretty – but there were lots of folks around when I was here.

Thanks so much for touring The Penna Home with me today!  Several more homes from the tour on the way.




Victorian Homes in Washington, Ga

Washington, GA – Hope everyone had a good Easter! Spent a fun day in Washington on Saturday for their Spring Tour of Homes.  And wow have I got some beautiful homes to share with you over the next few posts that were on the tour.

So often we think about the white-columned, antebellum old homes.  One thing I noticed on Saturday was the sheer variety of old homes in Washington.  Small Town, Big history!  Lots more on the home tours coming up, but wanted to share a few of the houses I saw in town.  I think I said “Amazing” more than I heard it on an episode of “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”.

Fun to see such a great variety of Victorian homes – from cottages to those that are just Big Old Georgia Homes!  As soon as I got my tour ticket, I immediately had to look at this house right next to Tour Headquarters. See the one story part in the back?  That’s the original 1850 cottage.  The rest was added in 1877.


I decided to walk to the first house on the tour, and here are a couple that I saw along the way.  The red house got my attention right off the bat.  I wanted to move in. Right. That. Minute.


Across the street I saw the mustard colored house, which just happens to be for sale.  It’s huge!


And some of the Victorian cottages right along the way.  Just love the look of them!




Now after seeing a few homes on the tour (and I promise you, there are several posts on these coming!) I walked down another street and spied this 1908 house.  Got some of that Victorian detailing going on.  And that wrap around porch!



This cottage just caught my eye too, it was built in 1886. Isn’t this one great too?


Washington (population about 4,000) has some big history – one of the original counties when the state of Georgia was formed, there’s a Revolutionary War battlefield nearby, 3 separate house museums, a LOT of antebellum homes and Civil War history.  And Southern hospitality galore!

Thanks for looking at some beautiful Victorian Homes, and I’m going through lots of inside pics from the home tour – posting those here soon!